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30 July 2017
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THE INDEPENDEND MZANSI SHORT FILM FESTIVAL is a 4-day short film celebration. Short films, past and present, are true works of art, and deserve a festival dedicated to films, past and present, are true works of art, and deserve a festival dedicated to films, past and present, are true works of art, and deserve a festival dedicated to their exhibition. Short film making is in the midst of a renaissance. Screening at a festival is a sure-fire way to start creating a buzz around your film and your career. Held at the Atterbury Theatre at the Lynnbridge Mall in Pretoria, we’ll screen up to 30 hours of short films from some of the most up-and-coming directors and producers in hours of short films from some of the most up-and-coming directors and producers in our country!

Our mission is to present quality short films from around South Africa as well as support, recognize and honor filmmakers creating a films under 30 minutes. This is a movement to exhibit and expand the art form of short film making and support emerging filmmakers in reaching new audiences through the powerful language of film. Serving as South Africa’s only dedicated short film festival, the IMSFF was founded to showcase contemporary short film making, and aims to exhibit the most captivating and innovative short content. In the process, IMSFF hopes to build an audience for short film and help giving aspiring filmmakers a foot in the door of an rapidly growing industry. The short films will be organized thematically, in hopes of representing the full range of the human experience as reflected by our chosen filmmakers.

IMSFF has partnered with the Qabila Film Festival held annually in Cairo, Egypt

Qabila is one of the most growing festivals in the Middle East, and is considered the best independent film festival in Egypt, with over 500 submission from 60 countries around the world.

25 July 2017
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What makes a good Filmmaker ?

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So you’ve got the filmmaking talent of Steven Spielberg however the bank account of the homeless guy along the block who always forgets to use pants — real problem, right? Not in accordance with 24-year old filmmaker Lena Dunham, who’s been creating a big stir with your ex low-budget, critically acclaimed feature Tiny Furniture. Shot for just beneath the price of a mid-sized car, there is nothing mid-sized regarding the response that Dunham has become getting for Tiny Furniture. The film took home the very best prize at the South by Southwest Film Festival and has attracted big-name fans like Judd Apatow and Will Ferrell. Not too shabby for the feature that Dunham says she wrote in only five measly days, no?

Since 1946 the Cannes Film Festival continues to be ‘the’ event of the season in terms of the movie industry! Though other towns in France were considered just for this now prestigious event, Cannes was chosen simply because this is definitely a resort town with a reputation for attracting the affluent and celebrities, so that it seemed only fitting this beautiful town on the French Riviera medicine location in the world’s best known film festival.

While Jake, Steven, and their friends increasingly becoming ready to go skiing, an avalanche occurs and eleven people are killed. The pair’s teacher initially survives but dies a few days later within the hospital, making Jake and Steven the only ones off their group to outlive the accident. When Jake and Steven resume England, the enormity with their situation actually starts to dawn with them. Because Jake and Steven grew up and visited school in a close-knit town, everyone inside town is afflicted with the events that transpired. Instead of having multiple funerals for your victims, a mass funeral is held it really is those that were lost. As the one survivors, Jake and Steven find this moment particularly difficult.

There are numerous things to really like about it film. Jennifer Lawrence’s overall performance is done well, the majority of the supporting ensemble provide genuine hard work together with the storyline being solid. It’s only a little something with regards to the overall tone and depiction of these Ozarks able to rub me in the wrong manner. Maybe something special about Debra Granik’s WASP track record would not make it possible for her to observe they are going to depending upon how they are really, and from now on we end up being capable of getting reflecting mirrors of all of them in situational hopelessness. I had spent my childhood in western Kentucky and a lot of of the character types exhibited in Winter’s Bonereminded me personally of previous acquaintances. In areas of profound low income, stuff undoubtedly end up getting dark the ones do everything that they can to suvive. But many people over these circumstances often draw from one another, too. A very important factor most lacking with this depiction with the persons in the Ozarks was frivolity. This one-sided slant with regards to the scenery rang empty , it failed to seem to be genuine enough for me personally to sign up for the film 100 %. Had it not been for such solid storytelling and superb performing, I may possibly have very easily ignored this kind of roll film.

On the last day of summer before heading off to varsity, two 18-year-old good friends attempt to connect as adults, and for the first time inside their lives share a “final” moment. In an electronic world one kid still uses his Polaroid camera to consider pictures with the beach and his companion who he’s got it bad for. College is about the corner along with the two won’t see each other until Thanksgiving. In a whole lot of voice messaging and CD’s the smitten one tells his bud which he recorded a tape for him on his tape recorder. He wants him to be controlled by it while he’s away at college create ducks and dodges questions on it and then point out that it is not a love song. Their moment is interrupted by two girls who’re are friends with all the two. His object of affection asks him to look at an image of him while using girls. The hurt look on his face says all of it. He helps to make the moment by pulling the tape labeled Not A Love Song in the backpack. The End. In my Arts class we had been motivated to come up with a summary on what happened on the characters? My guess? After listening on the non love song he returns home and lays his friend on his back and stuffs him like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.